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The staff of our Long Island, New York fertility center consists of over 40 team members who are hand-picked, with special attention given to advanced training and experience in infertility and reproductive medicine. Our New York fertility center’s superior experience is coupled with a genuine concern for each couples quest to have a baby. Along with this expertise, we are proud to have a unique group of individuals, including fertility specialists reproductive endocrinologists, therapists, nurses, embryologists, andrologists and support staff whose common goal is to provide the highest quality fertility care.

Our Long Island New York fertility center offers all diagnostic and treatment options for infertility. These options range from initial diagnosis by our board certified infertility specialists and treatments such as medications, surgery, IUI, IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.Our site also provides information on fertility drugs ranging from Clomid to Gonal-F, Follistim, Repronex, Lupron and others.

The North Shore Long Island, Jewish Center for Human Reproduction also features a highly successful Long Island donor egg program. Donor egg is a wonderful option for women who cannot use their own eggs due to disease or ovarian failure related to age. Success rates are equivalent to the donor’s age group and are typically high. We have a separate Long Island, NY donor egg program Web site which features frequent questions asked by egg donors and donor egg recipients.

Fertility care should be delivered by a fellowship trained reproductive endocrinologist as costs are lower and pregnancy rates are much higher. Our Long Island fertility center staff includes five board certified infertility specialists, reproductive endocrinologists.

The IVF success rates for the North Shore Long Island fertility center exceed the national averages for all age groups. We measure success rates as delivered baby per embryo transfer. Other ways of reporting success rates can be confusing and ultimately patients are interested in the “take home baby rate”.

Our New York, Long Island, York fertility centers are conveniently located in Nassau, Manhasset (main office), Suffolk, and Queens.

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