Our New York infertility clinic, North Shore, Long Island Jewish, Center for Human Reproduction offers all diagnostic and treatment services for infertility. Our infertility specialist staff consists of five board certified reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists. Each of our infertility specialists has undergone extensive advanced training including completion of an accredited infertility fellowship program and passing both written and oral examinations.

Diagnostic testing offered by our NY fertility clinic includes laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, the hysterosalpingogram, hormone testing, the Clomid Challenge test, ovarian reserve assessment and many more. Our fertility specialists “rule out” all conditions contributing to infertility in both the male and female. Our andrologists carefully evaluate each semen analysis which is critical since some degree of male infertility is present in up to half of infertile couples.

Our IVF and Donor Egg programs are among the most successful in the country offering new hope to couples trying to have the child of their dreams. Most couples seeking care from our fertility clinic will not need advanced reproductive technologies such as IVF and ICSI. Many will achieve pregnancy using less technical procedure such as stimulated intrauterine insemination (IUI) or medications.

Our staff realizes that infertility treatment costs can be a burden for many couples. We offer several programs, including Shared Risk® IVF, arranging for low interest loans from local banks, the New York state Infertility Demonstration Program and others.

Patients visiting our Long Island, NY fertility clinic are immediately impressed with the high level of compassionate and individualized care offered by our entire staff. Every aspect of each couple’s treatment is tailored to meet their specific needs.

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