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The Center for Human Reproduction is proud to offer egg freezing to our patients. This new technology allows you to preserve your eggs when you are young and at your most fertile to be used at a time when you are ready for motherhood. Egg freezing is available in two forms, one for young women looking to delay motherhood to pursue personal or professional goals. The second, fertility preservation, is available to young women recently diagnosed with cancer who wish to freeze their eggs prior to treatment. This page will help answer your questions on who egg freezing is best suited for, the science behind it and the process of freezing, and later fertilizing, your eggs. For more in depth questions, please call our office at 516-562-2229. Also, please review our frequently asked questions about egg freezing page.

Elective Egg Freezing: The reproductive life span for women is short. The egg reserve drops dramatically from 6 million eggs in fetal life, to 300,000 at puberty to 0 at menopause. By a woman’s late 30s her ability to become pregnant declines rapidly and most women lose their capacity to conceive of a child while still in their prime. This is in sharp distinction to men, who can reproduce throughout life. Often women must sacrifice career or romantic goals in their race to motherhood. Egg freezing allows you to pause the biological clock so you can concentrate on other facets of your life. Preserving your eggs should reduce much of the anxiety you might experience regarding your reproductive future and allow you to start a family when you feel ready.

Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients: If you are a woman with newly-diagnosed cancer and are worried about your future fertility, our fertility preservation program may be able to help.

Most cancers are now associated with long-term survival and many women want to start a family after their cancer is treated. However, cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy) may reduce fertility potential either temporarily or permanently. In most patients, a short window of opportunity exists between diagnosis and treatment. Time permitting, we can freeze your eggs for future use.

Your health and long-term survival are our first and foremost priority. Therefore, we require written clearance from your oncologist. In addition, our in-house senior oncologist will review your case to determine whether you can safely go through the process. This program will preserve your current (before-treatment) fertility potential and may help you have your own biological children once you survive your cancer.

Perfecting the Science

In the past there was little success with egg freezing due to the relatively high water content of eggs and the formation of ice crystals that destroyed the DNA of the egg. Newer freezing methods are now available as part of this research study that will allow better protection of the egg against DNA damage from freezing, and are associated with excellent survival rates.

Egg Freezing Frequently Asked Questions

The Egg Freezing Process

You will meet with one of our physicians for a consultation. You will have a physical examination, a pelvic ultrasound and several blood tests and sign a consent form.

Ovarian Stimulation
You will receive injections of fertility drugs for about 10 days. You will be monitored by several blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds.

Trigger Shot

You will receive a trigger shot (HCG) to help your eggs reach final maturation.

Egg Freezing
Your eggs will be frozen the day of the procedure and remain frozen until you decide to conceive

Embryo Freezing
If you have a partner, your eggs will first be fertilized with his sperm and the embryos created will be frozen.

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